Aberdeen is a city located in Grays Harbor County, Washington. The city is located on the southern end of the Olympic Peninsula were the Wishkah and Chehalis merge and flow into Grays Harbor. The city is the "Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula." According to the 2,000  census, the city had 16,461 residents and it is the most populist city in Grays Harbor County, bordering the cities of Cosmopolis and Hoquiam.

Aberdeen  is  a little more than a two hour drive from Seattle and about 111 miles. From Seattle, one takes Interstate 5 south and then then Highway 101 east.

The city, which was founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1890, has a history of fishing, logging and ship building. As some of these industries have waned, in the past 20-30 years it has become the financial hub for the county and more emphasis has been placed on tourism and commercial activities.


Aberdeen High School and Harbor High, an alternative high school are in Aberdeen as well as Grays Harbor College.

Notable Residents

Aberdeen  was the birthplace of grunge rock star Kurt Cobain. It was also the home of football legend John Elway, Nobel prize-winning scientist Douglas Osheroff and abstract expressionist painter Robert Motherwell.

Major Employers

At one time, Aberdeen was the home of 39 saw mills but as the timber industry Washington has been hard-hit in recent years, there are only about nine. Grays Harbor Paper, Sierra Pacific Industries, Hoquiam Plywood are all located in Aberdeen. Other major employers are Ocean Spray, Washington Crab Products, Walmart and Safe Harbor Crab Products.


Aberdeen is the home port of Ambassador Lady Washington, a tall ship. Grays Harbor is a popular destination. Many people use Aberdeen as the jumping off point for a visit to Olympic National Park.