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Bus Accidents

Legal Assistance for People Seriously Injured in Washington Bus Accidents

Bus accidents, while not as common as other types of motor vehicle accidents, occur more often than one might think. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or disabled in a Washington bus accident whether it involves an airport shuttle a charter bus, a commercial bus, school bus, or a King County metro bus, you may have legal questions. The Farber Law Group, a personal injury law firm located in Bellevue, may be of assistance to you. Call us at (800) 244-9087 to schedule a free consultation.

Types Buses Involved in Accidents

Hundreds of millions of Americans ride some type of bus each year, travelling over 28 billion miles. According to the Federal Motor Carriers Association, in 2008 there were 11,000 bus-related motor vehicle accidents involving the following types of buses:

  • Public Transit Bus Accident – Due to rising gas prices, vehicle tolls, and traffic, more people are opting to take King County Metro Transit buses. While King County Metro is rated exemplary in safety, in the first three months of 2012 alone, there were three bus accident involving Transit buses, one which resulted in a fatality. A bus accident injury claim is more involved than a passenger vehicle accident claim because Transit is government owned and run.
  • 9 or 15 Passenger Van Accident – Vans are typically used by schools, after-school programs, companies and other organizations to take people to work, church, school events, etc. Large capacity passenger vans are at increased risk of a rollover accident when there are 10 or more passengers on board when there is an accident due to the center of gravity being in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Shuttle Bus Accident  – Many hotels and airport shuttle companies use 9 or 15 passenger vans to shuttle passengers between the airport and hotels or other  destinations.
  • Greyhound and Tour Bus Accident – The last thing that a person who boards a tour bus to go on vacation expects is a tour bus accident. Often, in a charter bus accident, the victims are away from home in a city that they are not familiar with and this leads to victim’s stress.
  • School Bus Accident – Hundreds of thousands of children ride school buses every year to get back and forth to school. School buses do not use seat belts but are designed to protect children in the case of an accident. Unfortunately, an average of 19 school-age children die in school transportation accidents each year and approximately 12,000 children are injured.
Types of Washington Bus Accidents

People can be injured in accidents involving buses in the following ways:

  • Pedestrians hit by or run over by a bus or by bus mirrors
  • Cars, trucks or SUVs hit by a bus
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents while boarding, riding or disembarking a bus
  • Bus passengers who are hurt when the bus is involved in an accident
Contact a King County Bus Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured or disabled in a bus accident in the Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma metropolitan area or throughout Washington state, The Farber Law Group is here to help. CALL US TOLL FREE at (800) 244-9087. We provide a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL case consultation.

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