Do I Talk to a Claims Adjuster?

If you have been injured in an accident, one of the first things that will happen is a claims adjuster, who represents the person that is responsible for your injury, will contact you on the telephone. The adjuster will attempt to take a tape recorded statement from you. Usually the adjuster will be very friendly and give you the impression that they are concerned about your well being, however; their intentions are to the contrary.

The adjuster is beginning to build a defense for their insured by taking your statement. They will ask you about the accident and your injury, and will usually do so in a leading manner attempting to trick you into admitting partial fault or other facts that would tend to exonerate their insured. They will also ask you whether or not you have ever been injured before and identify what medical practitioners treated you for any previous injury. They will ask you to sign a medical authorization to obtain all of your medical records, including those before the accident and those involving private matters totally unrelated to the accident.

Our advice to prospective clients who call us right after an accident is to decline politely to give a statement to the adjuster and tell them that the refusal is based upon the advice of counsel. If they attempt to tape record your statement anyway, they will be breaking the law and any statement that they record probably would not be admitted as evidence in a courtroom.

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