Drunken Driving Accidents

Of the nearly 700 traffic fatalities in Washington State last year, almost 45% were alcohol related. In the United States, more than 500,000 people were injured and almost 18,000 killed in alcohol related accidents last year.

As a result of these alcohol related accidents, injuries and wrongful deaths, the Washington State Legislature enacted anti-drunk-driving laws that lowered the BAC (blood alcohol content) intoxication standard from 0.l0 to 0.08 percent and enforced the automatic loss of licenses for drunk drivers. In Washington State, all DUI offenses are gross misdemeanors. RCW 9A.20.021, 46.61.502(5) & 46.61.504(5).

Drunken driving accidents leave victims seriously injured, permanently disabled, paralyzed, brain damaged, or dead. You have a right to compensation for your injuries or for your loved one's injuries or death, regardless of whether the drunk driver is punished through the criminal court system.

At The Farber Law Group, we are experienced in representing victims of drunken driving accidents and in helping victims recover compensation for damages they have suffered.

We will aggressively gather the facts, determine all sources of potential liability, and advocate on your behalf.

We investigate to determine:

  • Whether the drunk driver had any previous DUI charges.

  • Whether a bar or restaurant continued to serve alcohol to an obviously intoxicated patron who later caused the accident (DRAM Shop claim).

  • Whether the drunk driver was in the course of his or her employment.

After thoroughly investigating your accident, we aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf.

We represent victims of drunken driving on a contingency basis. You pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

If you or a loved one was the victim of a drunk driver, please contact The Farber Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation.

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