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Bellevue Injury Accident Lawyer If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a workplace accident involving forklifts, The Farber Law Group, an injury accident law firm, may be of assistance to you.

Every year, there are thousands of pedestrian accidents involving forklift trucks. Pedestrians suffer serious injuries and, in some cases, pedestrians are even killed in this common workplace accident.

Pedestrians run the danger of being hit by a fast moving forklift in some workplaces including construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing site  and big box stores like Costco or Home Depot. Being hit by a forklift is not the only danger that forklifts pose to pedestrians. Some forklift accidents are caused when a forklift is improperly loaded and the load falls on a pedestrian. Another cause of accidents is when a person takes a ride on the forks of a forklift and falls off. Sometimes pedestrians are injured because they are unaware of the turning radius of a forklift and do not realize how quickly the rear of the forklift can swing around.

Unlike cars, forklifts are not equipped with brakes for sudden stopping. Sudden stops, in fact, can cause loads that the forklift is carrying to become unstable.

Forklift Safety for Pedestrians

Companies should have safety procedures in place to avoid and minimize forklift accidents. These include:

  • Create pedestrian only areas
  • Install convex mirrors so that pedestrians can see around blind corners
  • Insure that forklifts have flashing lights and alarms that indicates  when a forklift is moving in reverse
  • Paint lines used to direct forklifts and pedestrians
  • Post signs that warn pedestrians that forklifts are operating in the area
  • Provide physical barriers on the outside of pedestrian lanes for protection
  • Provide visible vests for pedestrians to wear
  • Placing cones or temporary barriers in areas where forklifts are operating to warn pedestrians not to enter.
Forklift Operator Safety

Forklift operators can also be injured in workplace accidents. For the operator's sake, companies should take the following safety precautions:

  • Provide proper training for forklift operators
  • Insure that forklifts undergo routine maintenance and inspections on their brakes, blades and cables
  • Insure that supervisors do not ask forklift operators to operate the machine on uneven surfaces or in dangerous areas
  • Insure that the forklift is equipped properly for the task at hand (i.e., too small of blades being used for the load at hand.)
  • Depending on where the forklift is operating, the driver should insure the area where he/she is operating is clear, especially when working around scaffolding
  • The operator may need to work with a spotter who can run traffic control and help to direct both pedestrians and the forklift operator.
Forklift Accident Attorneys

The forklift accident lawyers at The Farber Law Group have more than 30 years experience representing people who have been injured in on-the-job accidents. Because forklift accident claims often involve third-party litigation and workers' compensation, an experienced personal injury law firm should be consulted to insure you obtain all of the compensation for your injuries to which you are entitled.

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