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Freeway/Highway Accidents

Legal Assistance for People Seriously Injured in Washington Freeway or Highway Car Accidents

If you have been seriously injured or disabled in a Washington highway or freeway accident, you may be seeking answers to your legal questions. The Farber Law Group, a Bellevue personal injury legal practice, may be of assistance to you.

Freeway or Highway Motor Vehicle Accidents

Approximately 33,808 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents every year, and nearly 2 million people are injured. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of premature death among people between the ages of 3 and 34.

Motor vehicle accidents on interstate highways or freeways are very common, and they often leave victims seriously injured or killed because vehicles are driving at high speeds. There is also a lot of commercial vehicle traffic on freeways and highways, and when a semi truck and passenger car collide, the people inside the car are especially vulnerable because 18-wheelers can weigh 20 to 30 times more than a passenger vehicle, and they have higher ground clearance.

Causes of Highway Accidents

There can be many causes for highway and freeway accidents. Determining fault is essential in representing a personal injury claim. Common causes include:

  • Poor road design
  • Driver distraction such as cell phone use
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Lost loads
  • Poor highway maintenance
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving or road rage
  • Lane changes without a proper lookout
  • Road conditions such as snow and ice
Highway Accident Injuries

Personal injuries in highway accidents can be very serious because vehicles are traveling at high speeds. Serious injuries can include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple fractures, lacerations and whiplash.

Washington Highway Accidents

The Farber Law Group helps the victims of accidents on all the major freeways and highways, where accidents are often very severe and involve multiple vehicles, including Interstate 90, Interstate 5, Interstate 405, U.S. 2, U.S. 97 and US 101. Some roads such as Interstate 90 are problematic in the winter because of snow and icy conditions. U.S.2 has had a history of cross-over, head-on collisions that highway improvement advocates say could be prevented if the state made roadway improvements.

Protect Your Rights

The Farber Law Group represents people who have been seriously injured in highway accidents involving semi-tractor trailer trucks that cross into other lanes, fish tail or jackknife; drowsy drivers; vehicles that cross the center median and collide with oncoming traffic; equipment failure; drunk drivers and other driver errors.

Contact a Bellevue Freeway or Highway Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury in a highway accident, or a loved one has been killed, The Farber Law Group is committed to helping you recover fair compensation. We seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and other compensable damages. Call us TOLL FREE at (800) 244-9087 or use our Contact Form. We will provide you with a Free, Confidential, and No Pressure consultation and begin to answer your questions.

Client Reviews
To anyone looking for legal service, you won't find a better law team than Mr Farber and Kelly. They are very caring of your case and treat you like family. I have used them a few times and highly recommend them. Michael
Herb truly had my best interests in mind and was very knowledgeable about the law surrounding my case. He was fair and very upfront about potential outcomes of the case. I believe that he worked tirelessly to get the best settlement. Jan
Herb and team are excellent! As someone unfamiliar with the legal system, they did a great job walking us through every step so we wouldn't get overwhelmed. Our case was emotional and they never hesitated to answer a question, empathize with the challenges of the process, and at times just listen. Over the years we became close and I hope to stay connect to them even though the case is over. They helped us start a new chapter. He always made the extra effort by driving to our home when we couldn't meet him. Who makes house calls these days? Herb does! Not only did I feel like I was in good hands but I genuinely enjoyed working with them. How many people can say that about their attorney? Ashley A.