Hunts Point

The Town of Hunts Point is located in the Eastside region of King County, Washington. The town is located on a small peninsula that juts out into Lake Washington and covers .3 square miles. With an annual median income of 200,000K for a family, Hunts Point is located on what some call the "gold coast" which includes Hunts Point, Medina and Yarrow Point.

Hunts Point is but 8 miles from the downtown Seattle Business district via SR 520 and the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge to Interstate 5 south.  Downtown Bellevue is a five minute or three mile drive via 84th Ave NE to Lake Washington Boulevard. Bordering CitiesBordering cities include Medina (southwest), Clyde Hill (south), Yarrow Point (peninsula to the east), Kirkland to the Northeast, and Bellevue to the East.SchoolsThe Bellevue School District serves the residents of Hunts Point with Bellevue Senior High School. LinksTown of Hunts Point -