Legal Malpractice

Were You the Victim of Legal Malpractice?

Although most attorneys are hard working and competent, sometimes attorneys are negligent through a lack of effort, a lack of knowledge, or both. Some lawyers fail to adequately investigate on your behalf. Some attorneys don’t adequately prepare your case for trial, arbitration or settlement. Some attorneys fail to call a critical witness to testify. And some attorneys miss a statute of limitations. As a result, an attorney may cause you to suffer losses or damages you should not have lost or suffered.

A three year statute of limitations applies. The statute of limitations, however, does not begin to run until you discover, or reasonably should have discovered the facts, which give rise to your malpractice case.

In order to prove legal malpractice, you must show that you had an attorney-client relationship with the negligent lawyer, the lawyer had a duty to you, which he or she failed to perform and that failure was the proximate cause of your damage. Hansen v. Wightman, 14 Wn. App. 78, 88, 538 P.2d 1238 (1975).

The standard an attorney is held to in the performance of his or her professional services is that degree of care, skill, diligence and knowledge commonly possessed and exercised by a reasonable, careful and prudent lawyer in the practice of law in his or her jurisdiction.

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