Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders face special circumstances when they are involved in an accident as compared to auto accidents. First of all, a motorcycle rider’s damages may be more considerable because of the nature of the vehicle. Often, motorcycle riders sustain severe fractures, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries and even the loss of a limb. It doesn’t matter if you ride a city bike, sport bike, a performance machine like a Harley, a BMW or a “chopper”, many people have pre-conceived notions about motorcyclists and that is why it is important to hire an attorney who has had a successful track record in representing motorcycle accident victims.

Motorcycle Accidents

In up to 20% of the cases involving motorcyclists, the motorcyclist is not at fault. Bikers often are injured due to the fact that an automobile driver was alcohol-impaired, not paying attention to the road or the road conditions or making unsafe lane changes. Bikers also have been seriously injured due to product defect and/or unsafe roadways or hazards.

When you are hurt in an accident, your damages may be considerable. Most accidents will result in damage to the vehicle but also other expensive personal items such as helmets, gloves, pants and jackets. You are also entitled to payment of all medical bills and consideration of future medical bills. Often motorcycle injuries will require lengthy hospital stays, rehabilitation and will incur loss of wages, including overtime. Sometimes, the biker is permanently disabled.

Since most motorcycle accidents are often the result of negligence, you should be fairly compensated. The Farber Law Group handles motorcycle accidents on a contingent fee basis. That means they will not charge you any attorneys’ fees, unless and until they recover money on your behalf. They then receive a percentage only of what they help you recover.

With the help of The Farber Law Group, a Washington law firm experienced and knowledgeable in handling motorcycle accidents cases, you may be able to recover your damages. Contact us today.

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