Normandy Park

Normandy Park is a small city in King County, Washington. The community is tucked away west of  the Seattle-Tacoma International airport and is mainly a residential city. The city has no main main thorough fairs but can be accessed off of Interstate 5 or State Route 509.

In 2000, the city census showed that 6,392 people lived in the city. The city was incorporated in 1953 and is 6.6 square miles in size with only 2.5 of the area being land.

Normandy Park is located on Puget Sound just west of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Just north of Normandy Park is Burien and just south is Des Moines. SchoolsHighline School DistrictParksThe city has more than 100 acres of parkland with six major parks including two low intensity nature parks.Links