Obstetrics & Birth Injury Malpractice

Among the malpractice claims against physicians, the most noteworthy involve negligence at child birth. Obstetric malpractice is important because of the extreme injury and damages that can result when negligence occurs in the birthing process.

Usually fetal distress involves lack of oxygen to the fetus resulting in a condition known as hypoxia. As a result the infant suffers irreversible brain injury. Often the child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the parents are not always informed that it was a result of physician negligence. Birth injuries often seen in negligence cases:
  • Hypoxia, often diagnosed as cerebral palsy
  • Cortical blindness
  • Mental retardation
  • Learning disabilities
Obstetric negligence can involve:
  • Failure to properly monitor the mother during labor and not identifying fetal distress in time
  • Failure to intervene with a c-section when the child is in distress
  • Improper use of Pitocin (a drug used to induce labor)
  • Failure to respond to bleeding and umbilical cord entrapment
  • Misuse of vacuum extraction or the use of forceps.
While no amount of financial compensation can ameliorate the pain and suffering of a child that has been severely damaged or injured because of negligence at child birth, it can provide support for families who have enormous medical and educational expenses because of their child’s disability.

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