Duty in case of personal injury or death or damage to attended vehicle or other property

This statute prescribes that a driver involved in a motor vehicle accident which results in the death or injury to a person, or a driver who strikes the body of a deceased person, must stop at the accident scene and remain at the scene until the certain requirements are met.

The requirements include providing the following information to any person hit, an occupant of the vehicle that was hit and/or law enforcement:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Insurance company
  • Insurance policy
  • Car registration/license number
  • Driver's license information

In addition, the driver must provide reasonable assistance for caring for and insuring the injured person receives medical treatment.

Of course the law makes allowance for the driver to move his or her vehicle off the roadway onto shoulders and medians for safety.

Failure to do the above results in a class B or class C felony. A class B felony can result in a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and $20,000 fine; A class C felony can result in a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and $10,000 fine.

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