A driver is prevented from traveling on the highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the prevailing weather and road conditions. A driver should travel at a speed which is controlled so that they do not hit another vehicle, person, or conveyance entering the highway.

If there is a hazard on the road, the driver must reduce their speed from the posted speed limit. A motorist should never drive above the posted maximum speed limit.

Maximum speed limits in the State of Washington are:
  • 25 miles per hour on city and town streets.
  • 50 miles per hour on country roads.
  • 60 miles per hour on state highways.
These maximum speed limits may be altered as authorized under vehicle codes RCW 46.61.405, 4661.410, and 46.61.415.

Drivers shall drive at an appropriate reduced speed when approaching and crossing intersections, railway grade crossings, when approaching and going around curves and when approaching a hill crest, when traveling on narrow and winding roads and when hazards exists due to animal, pedestrians, weather or highway conditions.

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