This statute is also known as the "unsecured load" law or "Maria's Law."

The statute provides that no vehicle should be driven or moved on a highway with a load that is not fastened or secured from dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise falling from the vehicle (the exception is sand that is being used to "salt" a road during poor driving conditions for traction).  A person cannot operate a vehicle with any load unless the load is securely fastened or covered  to prevent the load from becoming lose, detached or causing a hazard on the highway.

A driver is guilty of failing to secure a load in the first degree if he/she, with criminal negligence, fails to secure all or part of a load. Failure to secure a load is a second degree misdemeanor.
means the person failed to exercise ordinary care or the care a reasonably careful person would exhibit under the same or similar circumstances.
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