A person who sends, reads or writes a text message is guilty of a traffic infraction except for a voice-activated global positioning device or navigation system that is permanently affixed to the vehicle.

  • A person who enters a phone number or name for the purpose or making a phone call
  • Authorized emergency vehicles
  • Using the device to report an illegal activity
  • Summoning medical or emergency personnel (9-1-1) or preventing injury to person or property Relaying information from a transit for hire (i.e., taxi) between the dispatcher and the operator when the device is permanently affixed
Enforcement of this law can is a primary offense meaning that a law enforcement officer can stop a driver for this sole infraction.

Infractions of this law will not become part of the driver's record and reported to insurance companies or employers.

Teenage drivers are strictly prohibited from using a cell phone while driving, even a hands-free device. Parents will be notified if a teenager is caught violating this law. If a teen has two or more infractions of this law, they can lose their driver's license

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