The Farber Law Group represents only people with serious personal injuries and wrongful death claims. Contact us for a free case evaluation. The Farber Law Group provides the following links and resources that you may find helpful.
Provides recommended book titles which can help you and your family avoid injury accidents and medical malpractice.
Court House Resources
Provides the addresses and maps to the Superior Courts in Western Washington.
Grief and Victim Recovery Resources
Provides helpful web-sites, groups and books that can help families and victims with their losses and injuries.
Injury and Accident Legal Term Glossary
Provides a glossary of commonly used injury and accident legal terms.
Internet Resources
Provides internet links to governmental agencies, foundations and medical references that you may find useful.
Legal Resources
Provides internet links to Legal Resources and Directories that The Farber Law Group partners with.
Medical Terms Glossary
Provides a glossary of commonly used medical terms.
10 Worst Insurance Companies
America Justice Society Report -- 10 Worst Insurance Companies - How they Raise Premiums, Deny Claims and Refuse Insurance to Those Who Need it most.
Traffic Safety Facts -- Crash Statistics
Provides the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash statistics and web-site link.