Roadway Defect Motor Vehicle Accident

If your car or truck accident was caused by a defective roadway including improper or lacking  signage, extreme shoulder drop-off defects, highway construction hazards and poor roadway design, you may be seeking answers to your legal questions. The Farber Law Group, a Washington personal injury law firm, may be of assistance to you.

Washington Roadway Design Accident Attorney

road defect attorney It is the responsibility of the state, counties and cities to provide safe roads for those who use them. Roads should be properly maintained and there should be proper signage to alert drivers of any irregularities and to provide information. If this is not done, motor vehicle accidents may result. Signs and markers should include: 

  • Signs to indicate merging traffic
  • Signs to indicate a narrow or minimal shoulder or extreme shoulder drop-off
  • Signs to warn drivers of an upcoming construction zone
  • Proper striping or lane lines
  • Signs to warn drivers of one way streets or wrong way on highway off ramps.
Roadway Maintenance Accidents

Sometimes motor vehicle accidents are caused when roads and bridges are not properly maintained. Examples of this is crumbling or loose asphalt that can fall off a bridge or overpass and strike a vehicle or  get thrown up by a truck tire into the windshield of a following vehicle. Another example is when road crews leave debris such as loose gravel  or cones on the roadway.

Shoulder Drop-Off Defects

One category of roadway defect is extreme shoulder drop-offs. A greater than two-inch distance between the adjacent pavement to the regular paved travel lane may pose a hazard to motorists, especially motorcyclists. Sometimes the drop-off can be caused by poor roadway maintenance or construction causing the drop-off. If the drop-off caused or contributed to a collision, an analysis will need to be made to determine which entity was responsible for maintaining the road edge or to alerting motorists to its presence.

Hazards Due to Highway Construction

Whenever a construction crew is working on a highway or roadway, they are responsible for providing traffic control using warning signs, traffic barrels and flaggers to assist motorists and help them avoid hazards. There are federal and state regulations which provide rules as to how these traffic control measures should be utilized. If the rules are not followed, car accidents may result.

Hydroplane Accidents

Most roadways are engineered so that water does not collect on the roadway. However, in cases when a roadway was improperly graded or paved, water can pool on the roadway and cause a motorist to lose control of their vehicle in a hydroplane situation. In such a case, a claim may be made against the construction company who built the road or the public entity responsible for the road.

Negligent Road Design

Motor vehicle accidents can occur when traffic is not properly controlled at an intersection or when there is poor visibility at an intersection. In addition, roads that are designed with sharp curves may also create problems.

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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to a roadway design defect or poor maintenance, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to help preserve your rights in pursing compensation for losses. Claims against state or municipalities must be filed within a reasonable time frame.

To have the strongest case possible, we will need to investigate your accident to determine whether the municipality was negligent . Key information to be included in the claim is information about previous accidents, documented concerns by government officials, safety audits, maintenance records and driver complaints.

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