Rollover Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Rollover Motor Vehicle Accidents The Farber Law Group is a personal injury law firm located in Bellevue, Washington that represents victims of rollover accidents involving cars, trucks, SUVs and other motor vehicles.

Rollover accidents do not occur as frequently as other types of accidents such as rear-end and t-bone type accidents, but when they do occur, the injuries can be catastrophic or fatal. Approximately 8,000 people are killed annually in these types of accidents. Our law firm has more than 30 years experience helping victims of rollover accidents recover compensation for their damages.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

The most common cause of a rollover collision is driving at excessive speeds while cornering or driving on a curve. Other causes can include a high-speed collision with another vehicle, tipping after hitting a curb, driving on a slope, crossing a ditch or mechanical failure like a tire blowout.

All types of motor vehicles can rollover under the right circumstances. SUVs, light pickup trucks and full-sized vans are more prone to roll because of the nature of their center of gravity, though later models with integrated electronic stability control (ESC) have shown a decrease in these types of accidents.

Results of Rollover Accidents

Passengers involved in rollover accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries. Sometimes passengers are thrown from the vehicle or they are crushed or thrown about the vehicle when seat belts or other safety features fail.

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