SeaTac is a city in Southern King County and the location of Seattle Tacoma International Airport operated by the Port of Seattle.  The city is definitely transportation-centric. Named after the airport, the city is 10.1 square miles in size and the home of 80 Fortune 1000 companies, many of them involved in the transportation industry.

Located between Seattle and Tacoma, SeaTac is 16 miles south of Seattle via Interstate 5, 16 southwest of Bellevue via State Route 518 and Interstate 405 and 22 miles southwest of Tacoma via Interstate 5.

The city is 10.1 square miles in size with a population of around 25,000. It was incorporated in 1990.HighwaysSeaTac is along Interstate 5, the major north-south highway in the State and along the West Coast. State Route 518 runs East West and is on the North end of the airport. State Route 99 runs from Seattle through SeaTac all the way to Federal Way.
State Route 99 - Pacific Highway South/International Boulevard It changes name in SeaTac from Pacific Highway South to International Boulevard.
SchoolsThe Highline School District provides education for the students in Seatac. There are four high schools:
  1. Academy of Citizenship and Empowerment
  2. Big Picture School
  3. Global Connections High School
  4. Odyssey - the  Essential School
Major EmployersThere are 80 Fortune 1000 companies in the city including airlines Alaska and Horizon Air.