Should I See a Specialist?

It is important to obtain all the medical care that is suggested by your primary physician because there is a correlation between the total amount of your medical bills (also known as 'medical specials') and the amount the insurance company is willing to settle your claim for general damages. Insurance adjusters are limited in their ability to pay general damages for pain and suffering. They are frequently audited internally by the company to make sure that they do not overpay claims or pay more than their computer tells them they can. Consequently, if a claimant's medical bills are low, the claims adjuster cannot offer to pay a significantly greater amount of damages to compensate for pain and suffering.

Years ago adjusters used to evaluate claims by multiplying the total special damages by three; for example, if you incurred $5,000 in medical bills, the company would be willing to pay $15,000 for your claim. This rule of thumb is no longer followed as much as it used to be, however, the basic concept still holds true.

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