What Do I Do When I've Been Injured in an Auto Accident?

The first and foremost consideration is your health and safety. If you or a fellow passenger is seriously injured, call 911 immediately, and ask for an aid car.

If you are not seriously injured with a life threatening injury or fracture, call 911 anyway and ask that a police officer respond to the accident scene. The responding officer will help you obtain all of the necessary information regarding the at-fault motorist and his/her insurance information.

If an officer responds to the accident, a police traffic collision report will be prepared and may become an important document in the course of your claim. The officer will write down the names of the drivers involved, their passengers, and any witnesses who are identified. If fault is disputed, the identities of these persons can be very important. Also the police officer should draw an accurate scene diagram and document the locations of the vehicles after the accident, as well as other important accident reconstruction concerns; e.g., length of skid marks, location of gouge marks, location and pattern of accident debris, etc.

Many times a person suffers serious spinal strain injuries but is unaware of the symptoms at or immediately following the accident. Frequently, a person's "soft tissue" injuries do not manifest themselves until 12-48 hours after the accident. Often people will report to the responding officer that they are not injured, only to end up in an emergency room the following day with severe back spasms and inability to move their neck. If asked "Are you injured?" by the officer, it is usually prudent to tell him that you are unsure and wait until you are checked out by a physician to answer the question.

Collect crucial information from the other drivers involved in the accident including their driver’s license number, car license number, full name, telephone number and address. Also, ask to see a copy of their insurance card and write down all of the information from it. If you have a camera, or a camera cell phone, take pictures of the damage to the vehicles and the scene of the accident. Be sure to write down the address and intersections of where the accident took place.

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