What is Computerized Claims Adjusting?

Just as the computer has changed how we conduct our daily affairs and how business functions, it has drastically changed how insurance companies evaluate claims.

Most insurance companies now use computer programs to analyze the non-economic portion of personal injury claims. It is essential for you to know if the company that is responsible for your claim uses one of these programs, and to make sure your course of treatment documents the variables and “drivers” that will optimize the claim.

The importance of computer programs in claims adjusting cannot be over emphasized. It has revolutionized how claims are handled. And, unfortunately, it is resulting in very low settlement offers that force injured victims to either accept unreasonably low settlements or go to court and incur costs and delay that otherwise could have been avoided.

The secret to maximizing personal injury settlements in face of computer evaluations is to make sure you  receive treatment from a medical doctor or osteopathic physician who will take the time to document all of your injuries and make chart entries of all of your symptoms. If you are treated by a chiropractor you should also consult a medical doctor because the computer programs do not accept opinions from chiropractors and discount injury claims where they are the primary health care provider.

You must be proactive in getting all of the necessary treatment for your injury and make sure that there are no lapses in your treatment record.

You must understand that if your doctor does not record your injury or complaints in your medical chart, they will be totally ignored by the insurance company’s computer when it evaluates your claim.

There are many variables and “drivers” that are used by the insurance companies computers, we are well versed in the secrets of their evaluation process and can help

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